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Johnson & Smith stands for reliability and innovation in apparel accessories, offering practical solutions with superior quality. Known for durable and thoughtfully designed products, Johnson & Smith enhances everyday comfort and convenience. From versatile waist extenders to sweater combs, each item is crafted to uphold the highest standards of functionality.

Collar Extenders

Collar extenders are a practical and innovative solution for instantly expanding the neck size of dress shirts, providing added comfort without the need for alterations. These discreet accessories are perfect for those who experience slight fluctuations in neck size or find their shirt collars uncomfortably tight. Made from durable materials like zinc alloy, collar extenders are easy to use and can be attached in seconds, offering a quick fix to extend the life of your dress shirts and enhance your comfort throughout the day. Ideal for both personal use and as thoughtful, practical gifts, collar extenders ensure you look polished and feel relaxed, no matter the occasion.

Pants Extenders

Discover the perfect solution for a comfortable fit with the Johnson & Smith Pants Waist Extenders. Our adjustable waistband expanders are ideal for both men and women, providing an easy way to expand the waistline of your jeans, trousers, or slacks. Crafted from high-quality material, our extenders are durable and ensure a perfect fit every time. Whether you're experiencing changes in body size or just seeking extra comfort, these button extenders are designed for easy use and all-day comfort without the need for sewing. Upgrade your wardrobe's flexibility and breathe new life into your favorite pants with Johnson & Smith Waist Extenders, the ultimate in wardrobe adaptability.

Maternity Pants Extenders

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and convenience with Johnson & Smith Maternity Pants Extenders. Designed specifically for pregnant women, these premium extenders allow you to comfortably wear your favorite jeans throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Our belly bands are gentle on your skin, preventing irritation, while providing durable and adjustable support that grows and shrinks with you. Embrace style without sacrificing comfort, and enjoy wearing your cherished outfits with confidence during this special time. Johnson & Smith's maternity extenders are your go-to solution for combining practicality with the joy of dressing up, making them an essential addition to your maternity wardrobe.

Fabric Care

Fabric care is made effortless and efficient with Johnson & Smith Sweater Combs, designed to rejuvenate your favorite garments. These multifunctional tools are perfect for different types of fabrics, including acrylic, wool, and delicate materials like cashmere. Compact and travel-friendly, they come with a convenient pouch, making them ideal for maintaining your wardrobe on the go. Crafted with an easy-grip handle, the sweater comb ensures durability and performance, making it an essential for anyone looking to preserve the quality and appearance of their clothing without resorting to costly alternatives.

Iron-On Patches

Our Iron-On Patches are high-quality and versatile, perfect for fixing pants, shirts, jean jackets, and more. Just place, iron, and they stay put!